About Halmstad University Solar Team

Halmstad University Solar Team is a student driven, non-profit organisation operating from the city of Halmstad, Sweden. We are working toward a sustainable future for the automotive industry and in doing so, developing a solar driven racing car to participate in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. There we will, along with students representing 35 different nations from across the globe, compete in who has developed the most effective solar powered car, in a race that spans 3000 km through the Australian countryside from Darwin to Adelaide.

Our vision is to win the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. HUST will do this through creativity, innovation and an extreme dedication.


HUST is back with a new team and we have started to develop our third generation solar driven racing car to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. The race will take place during one week in October 2023 in which the teams will start racing in Darwin and drive 3000 km south to Adelaide. We are hyped and ready to once again set our goals to the biggest competition in solar racing.

As the restrictions ease, the new team have been able to start the 22/23 project with new and exciting elements which we were unable to implement during the pandemic. We want to reach out to more people and in doing so, our presence in electric, solar and future focused events will be at an all time high. We will also be able to host and coordinate our own events with our partners to strengthen our bonds and our reach.

With the experience gathered from the last two projects combined with new members and new inovation minds, we're confident that our new car will be the best one yet.

Our Car

More info coming soon...

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