About Halmstad University Solar Team

Halmstad University Solar Team is a student driven, non-profit organisation operating from the city of Halmstad, Sweden. We are working toward a sustainable future for the automotive industry and in doing so, developing a solar driven racing car to participate in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. There we will, along with students representing 35 different nations from across the globe, compete in who has developed the most effective solar powered car, in a race that spans 3000 km through the Australian countryside from Darwin to Adelaide.

Our vision is to win the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. HUST will do this through creativity, innovation and an extreme dedication.


This was HUST's first project and first race in which we've participated. The brand new team started from scratch in 2018 and managed through great teamwork and commitment to build a car and ship it across the world to race in the biggest race of solar driven cars. 14 months after the idea was born our car stood ready on the racing grid in Darwin, Australia.

During October 2019 the team participated in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The car managed to travel a great distance before we unfortunately had to pull out of the race due to electrical issues. Although the team did not finish the race, the experience gathered during the journey was priceless and it will contribute to our future projects.

Our Car

HUST's first car, the H3, was inspired from the rain drop concept. During the test phase, the design was iterated multiple times in order to create a car with optimal speed, energy efficiency and safety. Being the first car HUST ever built, a lot of the components and designs will contribute to future projects.

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