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Support our work for the fossil-free automotive industry by being a part of our journey through Australia!


Halmstad University Solar Team wants to give you the opportunity to support the future of the automotive industry and our journey through Australia. During October 2019 the student driven non-profit organisation Halmstad University Solar Team (HUST) will participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challange. There we will, along with students representing 35 different nations from across the globe compete in designing, constructing and manufacturing the most effective solar powered car and drive it 3000 km through the Australian countryside.

Our planet faces greater challenges today than ever before, one of the large contributing factors to this is the emission of greenhouse gases. It is a well-known fact that the automotive industry needs to renew and innovate to meet these challanges. We in the HUST team work with innovations and technical solutions on a daily basis to make 100% solar-powered vehicles possible in the future.

Join us!

We want to be a part in working towards a brighter future for our planet, and you can join us! By purchasing a distance in our 3000 km long journey you can support us and our race.

We offer a unique oppertunity to remotely join the team in Australia and be a part of the journey through updates about the race, the team and the distance you purchased.

For only 50 sek/km or 300 sek/10 km you can support our journey through Australia, as thanks for your contribution you will receive a unique gift certificate that shows your support for us.


"With the sun empowering a sustainable future" is our vision. HUST wants to make a difference for the climate and the industry.

According to WWF the combustion of fossil fuels is responsible for 80% of global carbon dioxide emissions. In Sweden the transport sector emits 30% of our total carbon dioxide emissions. These are numbers we hope to reduce through our work.

One of the goals of the project is to contibute innovative solutions and new concepts for the future of electric cars. By supporting us you are a part in spreading knowledge about these issues and creating the prerequisites for chance!

How do i get involved?

  1. Donate with swish (50 kr/kilometer or 300 kr/10 km) at: 123 218 93 22 (Halmstad University Solar Team).
  2. Enter your e-mail address and the name of the company or person that should be on the gift certificate,
  3. You will within the next few days receive an e-mail with a gift certificate and which distance now belongs to you!
  4. While traveling through Australia, there will be daily updates on the journey, what happened during the trip and some other surprises!

(There is a limited opportunity to wish for a specific distance, contact Linn at for information)

Many Thanks

Those who choose to support our journey thorugh Australia

1. Distance: 0-100

Number of kilometers: 100

Dormer Pramet

2. Distance: 100-264

Number of kilometers: 164

Gerda Berger

3. Distance: 264-274

Number of kilometers: 10

Åkessons Hem och Data

4. Distance: 274-275

Number of kilometers: 1

Olga Zhakulina

5. Distance: 275-285

Number of kilometers: 10


6. Distance: 285-295

Number of kilometers: 10

Ing-Mari Arthursson

7. Distance: 295-327

Number of kilometers: 33

Bernie Berger

8. Distance: 327-330

Number of kilometers: 3

Oscar Thonäng

9. Distance: 330-340

Number of kilometers: 10

Peter Nilsson

10. Distance: 340-350

Number of kilometers: 10

Wasty Klasson

11. Distance: 2900-3000

Number of kilometers: 100

Helén Thonäng

12. Distance: 350-352

Number of kilometers: 2

Ann-Charlotte, Waxberg Prytz

13. Distance: 352-353

Number of kilometers: 1

Ebba Lind

14. Distance: 353-355

Number of kilometers: 2

Hans Erik Eldemark

15. Distance: 355-365

Number of kilometers: 10

Eva Berg

16: Distance: 365-366

Number of kilometers: 1

Carin Olsson

17: Distance: 366-367

Number of kilometers: 1

Henrik Ryttergard

18: Distance: 367-381

Number of kilometers: 14

Bo Persson

19: Distance: 381-401

Number of kilometers: 20

Thomas Ericsson

20: Distance: 401-421

Number of kilometers: 20

Fam Roos

21: Distance: 421-487

Number of kilometers: 66

Sten Christiansson

22: Distance: 487-520

Number of kilometers: 33

Carina Johansson

23: Distance: 520-530

Number of kilometers: 10

Daniel Johansson

24: Distance: 530-540

Number of kilometers: 10

Anneli Marklund

25: Distance: 540-550

Number of kilometers: 10

Magnus & Mercedes Lindahl