Our Vision

As part of Halmstad University Solar Team journey, we want to be transparent and tell all of you why we started this adventure. Partly to mediate the background to all of you whom are following us, but also to explain why this project is so important for our future.

Earth is facing a great enviorment challenge that over time will be exponentially tougher to reverse. This is a problem that has been around for a long time but is now bigger than ever. This problem is causing extreme weathers all around the world, droughts and floodings everywhere. The burning of coal, oil and gas has never been and will never be a sustainable source of energy. One of the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions is today's vehicles. Therefore, HUST has chosen to participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. To be involved in developing the technology that will supply the earth with renewable energy in the future. There are solutions to this and HUST wants to be involved and find solutions to this growing problem.

Our vision is to win the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. HUST will do this through creativity, innovation and an extreme dedication. This year is the first year HUST participates and competes down in Australia. Therefor HUST has a unique opportunity to find new innovative solutions with a more modern technology than the other teams that have competed in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge during previous competitions. This means that all of our solutions is a brand new solution for HUST. From the outside this may look like a weakness, but it is acctually the other way around. Having no previus solutions, forces HUST into a innovativ thinking to come up with our solutions. Which is turning out to be a strength that HUST will be bringing into this years race.

Our dream is to be able to influence our environment in such a positive way that we inspire others to fight for a sustainable future. Not only for the earth but for the whole community. In HUST, all members have the same amount of responsibility. Whether you’re a man or a woman, long or short, here are all equal. HUST wants to be a leading rolemodell for all future teams and engineering students as well. The ultimate result for HUST is that some of the ideas we have inplemented in our car will be used in future electric cars that use solar cells as its source of energy.