The innovation team

Halmstad University Solar Team

The Dream Team

Halmstad University Solar Team (HUST) consists solely out of innovation engineering students from Halmstad University. The project members are divided into two teams; Economy, Marketing & Sponsorship (EMS) and Engineering. We use our different experiences and skill sets to make the project go forward with the best result.

Project Management

Adam Jisland Project Manager
Ahmed Issa Economy, Marketing & Sponsor Manager

Team Leaders

Max Ackermann Engine & Powertrain
Kristian Persson Body & Frame
Pontus Nordström Electronics
Simone Rishede Sponsor
Johannes Olsson Marketing


Valdemar Erlandsson Body & Frame
Max Rehnberg Body & Frame
Thim Johansson Engine & Powertrain
Nicklas Karlsson Electronics
Max Blomdahl Engine & Powertrain
Tom Hjälmefjord Electronics
Jesper Åkesson Electronics

Marketing & Sponsor

Alexander Sollin Sponsor
John Åhslund Sponsor
Linn Persson Sponsor
Kevin Håkansson Marketing
Lisa Blomstrand Marketing
Sanna Arvidsson Marketing
Simon Sandahl Marketing
Carl Medbrant Marketing